Bahama Shutters

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Benefits of Bahama Shutters:

  • Extended Energy Savings
  • Storm protection
  • Sun protection
  • Enhanced outdoor décor
  • Customization and shade control
  • Elegant curb appeal
  • Professional installation
  • Extended Warranty

The Bahama Shutter is one of the most unique styled shutters on the market today. Made popular in coastal and tropical climates, the Bahama Shutter is a great addition to many homes and commercial properties. The Caribbean styling allows air to flow, while protecting the interior of your home or business from sun damage. The Bahama Shutter also provides privacy, security, and can be used as storm protection. The Bahama Shutter is attached to your property with a horizontal hinge allowing the shutter to be opened at an angle, and supported with telescoping arms that allows easy raising and lowering of the shutter.