Storefront and Graphic Awnings

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Benefits of Awning Graphics:

  • Advertises your business
  • Brands your business
  • Makes it easier for customers to find you
  • Enhanced outdoor décor
  • Use your own logo or design
  • Increased curb appeal
  • Professional installation
  • Awning Warranty

Awnings on a storefront or building will create an advertising image to invite people in to explore the services and products that are being offered by your business. Our awning graphics services are uniquely geared toward longevity and durability. Projected Metals offers custom logo graphics and awning project design services to enhance your organization’s image. Whether you supply us with an existing company graphic or we customize your design ideas, your awning graphics will enhance your company’s visibility. One of the most efficient ways to brand and market your business is by having your company name and logo where your customers and the public can see it. A graphic awning will make it easier for your customers to find you and enhance your overall curb appeal.