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Aluminium Welding

  • Trailer repair

  • Truck bed welding

  • Lawn equipment repair

  • ATV/Motorcycle repair

  • Railings

  • Custom applications

Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication requires a welder/fabricator to have both technical and creative skills and experience to meet the varying demands and complexities of the needs of our customers. Contact us to discuss your fabrication needs.

Ladder Racks For Trucks

We can custom design ladder racks for any type of work vehicle. From trucks to vans we can design the right ladder rack system for your vehicle.
ladder racks raleigh

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Our metal shop has expert welders who can handle your steel welding, aluminium welding and custom fabrication needs. We also repair damaged welds on most equipment. If you can get it here we can weld it! Make an appointment and let us take care of it!